J'ahmad Emanuel,
The Mystic Coach

Empower Your Soul To Unfold.

J'ahmad Emanuel, The Mystic Coach

About J'ahmad

J'ahmad Emanuel is a spiritual mystic, life coach, and soul therapist who is dedicated to helping individuals connect wellness, creativity and success to their purpose in life. He has a talent of teaching methods that inspire businesses and creatives to be present with opportunities of clarity, growth and healthy networking. These methods are so simple that everyone could try them and experience a significant increase in the way they feel in only 5 mins. J'ahmad  shares that, "if you can be Present with the Present, you will have an undeniable Presence." 
J'ahmad Emanuel is a speaker that guides everyone to see and experience their greatest potential right now.  He can be booked for workshops, 1-on-1 consulting, meditations and soul therapy. His mission is to help others turn on the L.I.T.E. in their body, mind, career, and goals. L.I.T.E. = Living intentionally through empowerment. is a challenge and choice that J'ahmad presents to everyone to gain back a sense of motivation, leadership and the right solutions. 

You can find out more about J'ahmad Emanuel and his content on all social media with the handle @MysticJahmad

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You can find me @MysticJahmad on all platforms! Go to my Instagram for the most current videos and mystic tips!

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Oracle Message From J'ahmad:

Transformation Begins With You! 
Each breath is the opportunity for a whole new life. It begins with you seeing your true self and your true presence. 

All things that you think are holding you back are an illusion. The more you see your truth, the more motivated and powerful you will become and feel about your journey.

The Mystic Coach stares at crystal ball

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