The Soul Message For March!

This was the first Soul Message of March sent to the LITE Guide Subscribers! Find out how to sign up below

The L.I.T.E. Guide

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J'ahmad has created the L.I.T.E. Guide to flow divine information that will empower your journey and  help you grow weekly with meditations, mystic tools, and soul messages.

What's L.I.T.E.?

L.I.T.E. stands for "Living Intentionally Through Empowerment".

This is a form of mindfulness that builds conscious awareness by directing all activities to the empowerment within us and creates the changes that we desire to see. 
Using L.I.T.E. we have the opportunity to live in our truth and our dreams become reality.  We all have the power inside of us to flow our attention and energy to the things that create a better life for us. L.I.T.E. show us how to trust ourselves and transform any situation into a better condition. 

"FInd Your Light, THey Can't Love YOu, If THey Can Not See YOu.
-Bette Midler

the L.I.T.E. Guide Subscription

A monthly subscription that delivers The Mystic J'ahmad Emanuel's oracle messages direct to you. Also powerful tools and content that will keep you motivated, inspired, and vibrating higher.

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Soul Message

From your favorite Mystic

Weekly receive, via text or email, your message from the soul, that will give insight and clarity.  


that will guide you

Free your mind with the art of meditation. J'ahmad will be sending you guided mediations that will align your energy and increase productivity.

Mystic Tools 

That will clear and create 

Learn the secrets that will change the way you see the world around you. With the mystic tools and techniques that J'ahmad will be sharing you will become a manifestor and find your gifts from the stars.

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