The Self Love Study Course

Welcome to this powerul self study course on Loving yourself and bring more Love into your life. We will be discussing over 7 lessons what makes you loveable and worth the commitment from yourself first.

If you have any questions at the end of a lesson, you may email me at
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Day 1:
Taking Care of

We will be discussing how to love and take care of yourself right out the gate through healing practices.

Self Love Lesson 1

Day 2:
Standing Up for Yourself

We always stand up for who we love. But if you aren't standing up for yourself, then you can't expect someone else to do it for you. Today we're discussing how to figure out what is draining your energy and how to take action on removing drainers and preventing them from coming back.

Self Love Lesson 2

Day 3:
and Dignity

When you are using your natural appeal you will attract everything to you! We are going to tap into your beauty and celebrate you for being sexy and confident. We will also be discussing being attractive and honoring your value, so that people treat you your worth.

Self Love Lesson 3

Day 4:
Inner Strength

You are Stronger than you even really know. Strength is more than just physical force. It's endurance, passion, faith, and believing. You will find that you are really powerful and we are going to remind you today!. Let's talk about how you show up and show out!

Self Love Lesson 4

Day 5:
Knowing Who To Love

Let's talk about how abundant your love is today. You have a lot of love in the bank! Have you considered being aware of how much love you are spending on everybody? Are some people wasting your love investments? Who is the best investment? Let's Talk!

Self Love Lesson 5

Day 6:
Know The Answer & Save Yourself!

You are the answer! And you are the person you have been waiting for all your life. Nobody knows what's best for you but you. You are a genius when it comes to your future, you just have to tap into your Intuition.
Let's Discuss how to receive your guidance.

Self Love Lesson 6

Day 7:
Know Your Truth and Stay True!

You are the truth!
Over these last 6 days, I'm sure you have noticed how real and authentic you are in your soul. Let it flow! Be the Love, Strength, and Sensuality that you know about yourself! Today, we will be going deeper into how to hear your truth quickly from your soul. Also, Let's talk about what it means to stay true to yourself.

This concludes the Course!

Self Love Lesson 7